California Debt Limit Allocation Committee

Extra Credit Home Purchase Program

Extra Credit Home Purchase Program Description
State and local governmental agencies and joint powers authorities can issue tax-exempt mortgage revenue bonds (MRBs) or mortgage credit certificates (MCCs) to assist teachers, principals and other credentialed school staff to purchase homes. These agencies and authorities may issue MRBs, the proceeds of which back below market interest rate mortgages. As an alternative to issuing MRBs, state and local governmental agencies and joint powers authorities may issue MCCs. Homebuyers use the MCC to reduce their federal tax liability by applying the credit to their net tax due.

Homebuyers may purchase single-family homes, either free-standing detached homes, condominiums or townhouses. Participants must be employed at a low-performing school (a California K-12 public school that is ranked in the bottom 50% of all the schools based on the most recent Academic Performance Index (API), i.e. schools receiving an API Statewide Ranking of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5) and make a commitment to work at a low performing school for at least three years. In addition, Program participants must meet program income limits and must purchase a home that falls within the program's purchase price limitations.

There is currently no state or local administrator for this program.