California Health Facilities Financing Authority

Lifeline Grant Program

The Clinic Lifeline Act of 2017 (the “Act”), signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown on July 10, 2017, established the Lifeline Grant Program (the “Program”). The Program, authorized by Senate Bill 97, assists small and rural health facilities, including community based clinics, that may be adversely affected financially by a reduction or elimination of federal government assistance and that have little to no access to working capital.

The Legislature appropriated $20 million for the Program. The Act allows the California Health Facilities Financing Authority (the “Authority”) to develop the Program’s selection criteria, the process for awarding grants, and the adoption of emergency regulations for implementation and administration.

As of July 11, 2017, staff is working on the development of the Program, including emergency regulations and application.

Current Status

  • Stakeholder webinars are tentatively scheduled for September 14, 2017 and October 3, 2017. The purpose of these webinars is to offer stakeholders the opportunity to provide input on Program development, including eligibility, selection criteria, and funding distributions. 
  • An information item regarding the Program is expected to be presented at the September 28, 2017 Authority meeting.
  • Emergency regulations are currently being developed and are expected to be presented at the October 26, 2017 Authority meeting.
  • Once the emergency regulations are approved by the Office of Administrative Law (“OAL”), the funding round will be open to applicants.
  • An applicant webinar will be scheduled after the emergency regulations have been approved by OAL. 

Informational Sessions for Stakeholders – Dates (Subject to Change)

Each webinar will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (Pacific Time)

Registration available for webinars, please click below.  Registration is appreciated, not required.