California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission

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Debt Management Program Description

Elected officials serving cities, counties, special districts, and school districts are responsible for the development and financing of billions of dollars of critical infrastructure every year. They come to their positions with a broad range of backgrounds, knowledge and expertise. But, frequently, their experience does not include the public finance expertise that allows them to confidently engage in the discourse and decision-making regarding the issuance and administration of debt. Yet, the decisions they must make are critical to quality of life and financial well-being of their communities for many years to come – long after their term in office.

In partnership with numerous professional public finance organizations and under the direction of the State Treasurer, CDIAC has embarked on a mission to develop a nine module series of on-demand electronic courses on debt issuance and administration specifically for elected officials. The goal of the program is to prepare elected officials with sufficient knowledge to confidently engage with advisors, lawyers, bankers, consultants, and staff, and assist them to make well-informed and prudent decisions regarding their agency’s debt.

As a prelude to the development and delivery of the full nine module series, CDIAC has developed a fully-functioning pilot module to illustrate the visual experience and content-level for the series.

Partner Organizations

  • League of California Cities
  • California State Association of Counties
  • California Special Districts Association
  • California Association of School Business Officials
  • Community College League of California
  • California Society of Municipal Finance Officers
  • California Municipal Treasurers Association
  • California School Boards Association
  • California Charter Schools Association
  • California Municipal Utilities Association
  • California Association of Sanitation Agencies
  • California Association of County Treasurers and Tax Collectors