California Industrial Development Financing Advisory Commission


The California Debt Limit Allocation Commission (CDLAC) was statutorily created in 1987 in response to the 1986 Federal Tax Reform Act. CDLAC administers the tax-exempt private activity bond allocation available annually for California. Agencies and organizations authorized to issue tax-exempt private activity bonds must receive an allocation from CDLAC. Industrial Development Bonds (IDBs) are private activity bonds as defined by federal tax law, therefore they require a CDLAC allocation prior to bond issuance.

The local Issuing Authority may apply for a Qualified Private Activity Bond Allocation for a specific project or program. Applications must be filed using the CDLAC application for CIDFAC Small-Issue Industrial Development Projects. These application forms are available at the CDLAC website or by contacting CDLAC.

Additional Application details are outlined on this website in the "specific" IDB Program Summaries.