California Pollution Control Financing Authority

Heavy Duty On-Road Truck Loan Program

California Pollution Control Financing Authority

What is the California Capital Access Program?

The California Capital Access Program (CalCAP or Program) makes it easier for small businesses to obtain financing through participating financial institutions. CalCAP provides funds for the financial institution to place in a loan loss reserve account which may provide up to 100% coverage on certain loan defaults for loans enrolled in the program. With these funds available, financial institutions are more comfortable lending to businesses and typically offer more favorable terms than the business would otherwise qualify for.

When does the new diesel truck loan program start?

It has already started.

Why is this program available?

On December 12, 2008, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved a new regulation to significantly reduce emissions from existing on-road diesel vehicles operating in California. The regulation requires affected trucks and buses to meet performance requirements between 2011and 2023. By January 1, 2023 all vehicles must have a 2010 model year engine or equivalent.

CalCAP is working with ARB to make it easier for truck owners to obtain financing to meet the new requirements.

For more information on the ARB regulations, go to

Who do I talk to about getting a loan?

You will work with the participating financial institution of your choice. The list of the institutions participating in the Program is updated regularly.

What types of trucks and equipment qualify for financing?

Qualified vehicles and equipment include heavy-duty trucks and buses (over 14,000 gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR)) equipped with engines certified to specified engine emission standards for 2010 and newer model year engines.

What is the maximum loan amount under the program?

 The maximum loan amount is $5,000,000, with a total of $2,500,000 enrolled in the CalCAP programs per borrower, over a three year period.

Are there limits on the size of the business that will qualify for loans under this program?

Yes. Businesses must have 100 or fewer employees and $10 million or less in annual revenues averaged over 3 years. This program can be used by businesses with 10 or fewer heavy-duty diesel vehicles in the fleet.

Will I automatically be able to get a loan or lease?

You will have to meet lending criteria established by the financial institution. The availability of the CalCAP funding should make it easier for them to approve a loan or a Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause (TRAC) lease.