California Pollution Control Financing Authority

Sustainable Communities Grant and Loan Program
Report of Activities 2005

Location of Los Angeles on California map


Applicant Information

Applicant: City of Los Angeles

Project Information

Project Location: Los Angeles - 7th Street between Wall Street and Hill Street and Los Angeles Street between 7th Street and 9th Street
Project Description: Create pedestrian corridors to unify the downtown urban core.

The City of Los Angeles received funds to finance the cost of certain infrastructure and design costs for improvements to the downtown area. These costs are part of a project to create pedestrian corridors to unify the downtown urban core. The project will connect downtown commercial corridors with surrounding current and future residential developments, subway portals, rail systems and peripheral parking structures. Funds are being used in conjunction with contributions from various city funds to complete the following improvements:

  • Installing solar powered pedestrian lighting to increase sidewalk visibility at night;
  • Planting street trees as well as save and trim existing trees;
  • Installing brick patterned crosswalks to provide continuity along the pedestrian passage;
  • Installing streetscape furniture;
  • Repairing and replacing damaged sidewalks and modifying intersection pedestrian ramps to meet ADA guidelines;
  • Installing catch basin trash blocking magnetic swing gates to prevent trash debris from entering the municipal storm drain system;
  • Installing way-finding signage to improve district identity and project continuity;
  • Providing character-defining bus stops that bring identity to public transportation; and
  • Coordinating 24-hour on street security, video surveillance and roaming guards from adjacent mixed use developments.

Achieving Sustainable Development

Currently, Downtown Los Angeles is divided into several isolated districts aligned along north and south street corridors. The goal of this project is to connect the north-south corridors with the west corridor business district, the east corridor fashion district and current and proposed residential and commercial mixed-use infill developments. These areas will also be connected via subway, rail, and peripheral parking structures. The project is in the economically distressed urban core area of Los Angeles.

Distinguishing Strengths

Project unifies disparate land uses in the urban core. It creatively encompasses sustainable development principles including mixed use development, pedestrian access, infill development, affordable housing and economic development in a way that is applicable to other communities in California.

Sources and Uses of SCGL Funds

The specific use of SCGL funds includes financing the architectural and engineering costs, signage costs, and pedestrian lighting costs of the above described project.

Loan $0 $ 0
Grant 350,000 350,000
Total $350,000 $350,000
Pedestrian lighting  $200,000 $200,000
Solar panels 100,000 100,000
Signage 10,000 10,000
Architects and engineers 40,000 40,000
Total $350,000 $350,000

Project Status as of December 15, 2005

The City of Los Angeles has established project teams and initiated work orders mainly through the Bureau of Street Lighting (BSL) and Bureau of Street Services (BSS).

  • The BSL has completed investigations, fieldwork, preliminary engineering, an evaluation of the existing conditions of the street, and cost estimates. BSL also has:
    • Developed street lighting location maps;
    • Finalized scope of work for street lighting;
    • Selected pedestrian lighting equipment;
    • Obtained approval of the Proposed Final Lighting Improvements from various City agencies;
    • Completed the final plans for street lighting; and
    • Completed the engineering report to the Board of Public Works for the Proposition 218 and initiated the process.
  • The BSS has developed a working plan for crosswalk construction and tree planting and completed the following tasks:
    • Tree planting;
    • Identified a list of the intersections for crosswalk improvement; and
    • Worked with the City Council offices and coordinated the Street Furniture Program funded by Viacom Decaux LLC for streetscape furniture and signage.
  • The City has provided a revised estimated time schedule to complete the work proposed under the grant:
    • January 2005 Completed Design of Street Lighting
    • May 2006 Start Construction
    • June 2006 Complete Construction
  • The project will be completed within the grant award budget. Other City or City-identified funding sources, such as the Small Business Administration grant matching fund will pay for any additional costs of the overall project.
  • The City's BSL has identified approximately $195,000 of additional funds to cover the increased costs for new wiring and conduit.
  • The City submitted the final draft plan for street lighting for CPCFA review on April 25, 2005.
  • The initial disbursement of the SCGL funds was extended through February 28, 2006. No disbursements have been made to date.
  • Board of Public Works plans to adopt the Proposition 218 report on December 16, 2005.


This report of activities for the Sustainable Communities Grant and Loan Program (SCGL) is submitted pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 44525.6 for the calendar year ending December 31, 2005.