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Electronic Deposit Form (EDF) Program

Allows an agency to access on-line Report of Deposit (ROD) forms and key their deposit information directly into our EDF application.

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If you have any questions about the Electronic Deposit Form Program, please contact the Bank Reconciliation Section.

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The State Treasurer's Office (STO) is responsible for processing the remittance of funds collected by various State agencies for credit into their Centralized Treasury System (CTS) accounts. The Report of Deposit (ROD) form is the most common process utilized by State agencies in reporting their collected funds to STO. Currently, these forms are 5-part, carbon inter-leaved paper forms. STO processes approximately 190,000 forms annually.

In lieu of the current 5-part ROD forms, the STO has developed an Electronic Deposit Form (EDF) Internet-based application for use by California State agencies. This electronic form eliminates the need for agencies to submit the ROD paper forms to STO and eliminates STO staff from manually keying these deposits into the system. The EDF process should be considered by all state agencies for their central and field offices to enable their staffs to use the EDF system to enter data, print their RODs for deposit, and then electronically submit deposit information to CTSMD’s Bank Reconciliation Section (BRS), thereby eliminating the need for agencies to submit a hard copy of the ROD to BRS. EDF also allows agencies the benefit of same day credit to their checking account.

Interested agencies can contact BRS for additional information on how to get started with EDF.