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Statement of California State Treasurer John Chiang on President Trump’s Infrastructure Plan

Feb. 12, 2018

Contact: Marc Lifsher

SACRAMENTO – “This is a sham of a proposal that offers too little and asks for too much.  Given that California alone has at least $850 billion in new public works that must be built or repaired in the coming years — including 2,700 crumbling bridges and woefully deficient water infrastructure that deprives too many communities of safe drinking water — the President’s $200 billion national investment is no better than spit in the ocean.  What he shamefully calls an infrastructure plan is really a cynical rouse for gutting environmental protections that keep our air, water, and communities safe.

“Instead of adding $1.5 trillion dollars to our national debt to fund a massive tax cut primarily benefiting corporations and those who can play at Mar-a-Lago, President Trump could have fulfilled his campaign pledge to rebuild the nation’s dilapidated infrastructure and create thousands of jobs in the process.  If that wasn't bad enough, his Administration has indicated it would offset the costs of his new plan by cutting elsewhere in the budget.  Working families, along with the poor and seniors should hang on to their wallets."

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