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Treasurer Requests Information Measuring the Impact of Trump's Anti-Immigrant Policies
On Community Healthcare Providers

May 3, 2018

Contact: Shawn Brouwer

SACRAMENTO – California State Treasurer John Chiang sent the following letter to community health organizations across the state asking for concrete information and data on how the Trump Administration's anti-immigration efforts are impacting the fiscal sustainability of health service providers that treat undocumented immigrants and their family members.


Dear Fellow Californians:

The Trump Administration’s alarming anti-immigrant agenda has forced undocumented immigrants and their family members in California – and across the nation -– to live in a perpetual state of fear.

Young children, their parents and grandparents face the very real prospect that their family will be ripped apart by deportation. The anxiety permeating California’s immigrant communities appears to be causing many families to withdraw from using any publicly-funded services for which they are eligible, including accessing the state’s health insurance programs, such as Covered California or Medi-Cal.  “Staying off the grid” as a means to manage the risk of deportation creates profound public health consequences.

The lack of health insurance to cover medical emergencies and illness is not only detrimental for these families, but it also wreaks havoc on our state’s safety net providers, which continue to provide care to women, children and men whether they have insurance or not. Community clinics that treat patients without insurance do not get reimbursed for services provided. This threatens the clinic’s fiscal sustainability and jeopardizes efforts to provide health care services to our state’s most vulnerable citizens.

I have recently instructed staff at the State Treasurer’s Office to begin the process of understanding how an increase in uninsured patients could adversely impact the bottom line of health clinics that serve California’s immigrant communities.

We are looking to community clinic and other health care providers to answer the following questions:

  • Have you seen an increase in the number of uninsured patients who were previously covered by a publicly funded insurance program?
  • How is the care you are now providing to those patients being paid for and how is it compensated?
  • How do you track this information and could you quantify the change and fiscal impact of losing insured patients due to the threat of federal immigration enforcement?

I may seek a statutory change to expand the Community Clinic Lifeline Grant Program, established in 2017 to assist small and rural health facilities negatively impacted by federal action that leads to a reduction in funding, to address any fiscal issues identified by the research my office is gathering.

Since time is of the essence, I am asking you to send feedback to my office by May 8, 2018.  Please send an email with a PDF attachment to: or by mail to the following address:

California Health Facilities Financing Authority
915 Capitol Mall, Suite 435
Sacramento, CA 95814


California State Treasurer


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