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California Pollution Control Financing Authority


The California Pollution Control Financing Authority (CPCFA) has been providing low-cost innovative financing to California businesses since 1972.

As a “conduit issuer” of tax-exempt private activity bonds, CPCFA is able to facilitate low cost financing to qualified waste and recycling projects. Other projects to control pollution can qualify for tax-exempt financing as allowed by federal tax law. Examples of recent assistance include projects to purchase clean-air vehicles by waste companies, recycle used oil, convert animal waste to clean burning fuel, and develop construction and demolition debris recycling programs.

CPCFA works with participating financial institutions to assist small business with loans up to $2.5 million. CPCFA also assists with the clean-up of contaminated sites through a $60 million grant and loan program and a site-assessment loan program.

CPCFA Programs

As of January 1, 2012, CPCFA has helped finance over $13.4 billion in projects through

New Program

Other Programs CPCFA Assists

Fast Facts as of 12/31/13

Tax Exempt Bond Financing Program

Total Bonds Issued Over Program Lifetime:
Total Bonds Outstanding

Total New Money Bonds Issued
1/1/13 — 12/31/13:

Total Refunding Bonds Issued
1/1/13 — 12/31/13:

0 Small Businesses Funded
1 Large Business Funded

California Capital Access Program (CalCAP)

These numbers include the Air Resources Board (ARB) Truck Loan Program Figures

Total Number Loans Enrolled
Over Program Lifetime:


For the Period: 1/1/13 — 12/31/13
Total Loans All Programs
3,640 loans for $233,561,098

Micro-Loans Enrolled
(Loans under $40,000)
2,338 loans for $ 26,531,286

Average CalCAP Loan Amount

CalCAP Small Business Program Loans
1,893 loans for $61,957,588

CalCAP Collateral Support Program Loans
43 loans for $47,729,412

CalCAP ARB Truck Loan Program Loans

1,704 loans (1,915 trucks) for $123,874,099

Sustainable Communities Grant and Loan (SCGL) Program

Total Funds Awarded Over Program Lifetime
21 Grantees Awarded $6,585,070

Total Funds Awarded Jan 07 thru Dec 09
7 Grants Approved for a Total of $2,423,512

California Recycle Underutilized Sites (CALReUSE) Program

Assessment Program
Total Funds Awarded Over Program Lifetime:
44 Site Assessment Loans Totaling $4,915,842

Total Funds Awarded Over Program Lifetime:
30 Remediation Grants and Loans Totaling $55,000,000

Funds Disbursed to Awardees for the Period 1/1/13 – 12/31/13

Funds Disbursed to Awardees Over Program Lifetime: