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In 2016, lenders in CPCFA’s California Capital Access Program (CalCAP) enrolled 5,893 loans totaling over $357 million, an increase of about 19 percent in the number of loans and a 5 percent in the amount of money loaned compared with 2015. CalCAP deposited approximately $25 million in premiums into lenders’ loan loss reserve accounts in 2016 for these loans.

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The California Pollution Control Financing Authority (CPCFA) has been providing low-cost innovative financing to California businesses since 1972 with an objective of making California more economically prosperous and environmentally clean. CPCFA is committed to promoting access to capital through the delivery of financing options to California business and environmental industries by being the driving force of public and private partnerships, a leader in offering customized risk mitigation tools and at the forefront of projects that protect and restore the environment. CPCFA partners with sister state agencies to achieve the State’s environmental policy objectives by administering high-impact financing programs designed to assist regulated entities and other stakeholders with accessing private capital. As a government agency that issues tax-exempt private activity bonds, CPCFA can facilitate low cost financing to qualified waste and recycling projects, and other projects to control pollution and improve water supply.

CPCFA also administers the California Capital Access Program (CalCAP), which encourages financial institutions to make loans to small businesses and provides for specialty programs targeted toward building an improved infrastructure for zero- and partial-emission vehicles and helping small businesses comply with the federal Americans With Disabilities Act.

Here's what we offer:

Tax-Exempt Bond Financing Program Capital Access Loan Loss Reserve Program California Recycle Underutilized Sites (CALReUSE) Rate Reduction Bond Program

Treasurer Introduces CalCAP/ADA Financing Program from State Treasurer's Office on Vimeo.


Treasurer Helps South San Francisco Business Expand, Add New Technology

Blue Line Transfer, Inc., a full service public disposal and recycling facility in South San Francisco, took advantage of two of the Treasurer’s programs to expand and add a new technology in the form of an anaerobic digester that will help our state meet its environmental goals.