Pooled Money Investment Account (PMIA), Time Deposit Program, and
Local Agency Investment Fund (LAIF) Information

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Pooled Money Investment Account

Market Value of PMIA Funds*

Line chart comparing market value of PMIA funds with BV
*as of dates indicated

PMIA Portfolio Composition - 6/30/16
Total: $75.4 Billion
(chart dollars in millions)

Pie chart showing PMIA portfolio composition

Line chart showing average monthly yield comparison

Time Deposit Program
Participation Information as of 6/30/16

Institution Size # of Institutions Total Deposits
Total Assets % of TD Program % of TD Program
< $5 billion 84.4% 55.0%
$5-10 billion 9.1% 22.3%
$10-20 billion 1.3% 5.4%
$20-50 billion 3.9% 11.9%
> $50 billion 1.3% 5.4%

LAIF Participation as of 6/30/16

Pie chart showing LAIF participation

LAIF Balance by Type as of 6/30/16
Total $22.7 billion
(chart dollars in millions)

Pie chart showing LAIF Balance by Type