California School Finance Authority

About CSFA

The California School Finance Authority (CSFA) was created in 1985 to finance educational facilities and provide school districts and community college districts access to working capital. Since its inception, the Authority has developed a number of school facilities financing programs and most recently is focused on assisting charter schools to meet their facility needs.


Charter School Facilities Program: A $900 million program that provides low-cost financing for charter school facilities; fifty percent grant, fifty percent loan.

Charter School Facility Grant Program: A grant program that provides annual assistance with facilities rent and lease expenditures for charter schools that meet specific eligibility criteria.

Charter School Facilities Credit Enhancement Grant Program: An $8.3 million program that serves to fund debt service reserves for the financing of acquisition, renovation, or construction of charter school facilities, or the refinancing of existing charter school facility debt.

State Charter School Facilities Incentive Grants Program: A federal grant program designed to assist California charter schools in meeting their facility needs.

Charter School Revolving Loan Fund: A program that provides low-interest loans of up to $250,000 to new charter schools.

Fast Facts as of December 10, 2013

State Charter School Facilities Incentive Grants Program

Total Awarded: $85,362,637
Total Charter Schools: 255
Total Students: 80,651

Charter School Facilities Program (Props 47, 55, 1D, and 2010 Re-Appropriation)

Total Awarded: $900,000,000
Total Schools: 56
Total Students: 21,546

Charter School Facilities Credit Enhancement Grant Program

Total Awarded: $7,897,865
Total Schools: 30
Total Students: 11,135

Bond Financing Program

Bonds Issued: $199,383,325
Schools Served: 41
Students Served: 22,809

Revenue Anticipation Notes (RANs)

RANs Issued: $46,923,959
Schools Served: 78
Students Served: 31,691