California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission

Individual Debt Issuance Data by Year in Excel Format

Individual Debt Issuance Data provides detailed data of all public debt bond issues sold in California by sale date within each calendar year as reported to CDIAC on the "Report of Proposed Debt Issuance" and the "Report of Final Sale". For the current year, the information is provided by month as received within the dates shown, and is the same information that is published in the Calendar portion of DEBT LINE excluding the proposed information that appears in the Calendar.

CDIAC represents that the information found on this website is accurate in its present form. CDIAC cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of the information if the user modifies or alters the data. CDIAC makes every attempt to collect and verify the accuracy of data for all debt issuances by governmental agencies in California. Due to timing of receipt or incomplete reporting, however, some data may not be captured.

An exclamation point in a field indicates more information is available, but did not fit in the field. Contact CDIAC to obtain the rest of the information or for further assistance.

Details about the Debt Issuance Data by Year fields