State Treasurer's Office Directory and Contacts

Staff Directory

Executive Office (916) 653-2995
Fiona Ma, State Treasurer  
Genevieve Jopanda, Chief of Staff  
Tim Schaefer, Deputy Treasurer, Public Finance  
Audrey Noda, Deputy Treasurer for Health and Education  
Spencer Walker, General Counsel  
Kasey O'Connor, Legislative Director  
Frank Ruffino, Pension and Benefits Director  
Kathryn Asprey, Director of Constituent Affairs  
Noah Starr, External Affairs Manager  
Christian Daly, External Affairs Officer, Northern California  
Gloria Pulido, External Affairs Officer, Southern California  
**Requests for Copies of Public Records  
** Media Requests (916) 653-2995

Divisions and Offices

Administration (916) 653-3100
Condemnation Deposit Fund (916) 653-8006
SCAM ALERT – If you received a phone call from this number asking for credit card information or any type of monetary donation, please disregard the request. This telephone number has been cloned and is being used by scammers. Please do not provide any personal information or payment information to the person on the other end of the phone, this is a SCAM.
Rebecca Grajski, Director (916) 653-7345
Karma Manni, Chief, Fiscal Services Unit (916) 653-8217
Kristalyn Fong, Manager, Fiscal Services (916) 653-5670
Christopher Sneed, Chief, Management Services (916) 653-3382
Charles Jewell, Personnel Officer (916) 653-3463
Moulay Billouche, Manager, Business Services (916) 653-7656
Steven Perez, Training Officer (916) 653-3038
Centralized Treasury and Securities Management Division (916) 653-3601
** Inquiries About Stop Payments/Paid Checks/Forgeries (916) 653-0060
** Inquiries About Bank Accounts Outside the State Treasury System/Filing Report 14 (916) 653-2886
** Inquiries About Reporting Deposits/TC-30, TC-31 and Direct Deposit Forms/Federal LCs/Automated Clearing House (ACH) Enrollment/Wire Transfers (916) 653-2917
Andre Rivera, Director (916) 653-3601
Natalie Gonzales, Assistant Director (916) 653-3601
Carl Lord, Manager, Banking Operations (916) 651-2818
Anne Peery, Manager, Bank Reconciliation Section (916) 653-8865
Shirley Sneed, Manager, Collateral Management Section (916) 653-1300
Jeff Kile, Manager, Item Processing Section (916) 653-5907
Manish Patel, Manager, Safekeeping and Vault Services Unit (916) 653-2678
Vacant, Manager, Securities and Banking Services
Amin Pirasteh, Manager, Long-term Cash Forecasting (916) 657-2434
Christie Kharkwal, Manager, Financial Operations (916) 651-0386
Nicole Milliron, Manager, Financial Operations (916) 657-2456
Andrea Paval, Manager, Compensating Balances (916) 651-3098
Chris Kooyman, Manager, Securities Clearance Section (916) 651-9521
Robin Deller, Manager, Investment Clearance Unit (916) 653-4032
Aman Dhaliwal, Manager, Pledge Clearance Unit (916) 653-3797
Information Technology (916) 653-3965
David Duarte, Director  
Calvin McGee, Assistant Director  
Investments (916) 653-3147
Kristin Szakaly-Moore, Director (916) 653-3147
Jeff Wurm, Assistant Director (916) 653-3147
Lily Osorio, LAIF Administrator (916) 653-3147
Evelyn Gorman, Time Deposits Manager (916) 653-3147
Tracey Paine, Manager, Pooled Money Investment Board (916) 653-3147
Public Finance (916) 653-3451
Blake Fowler, Director (916) 653-2903
Amanda Johnson, Assistant Director (916) 653-2903
Julie Giordano, Assistant Director (916) 653-2903
Geoff Palmertree, Manager, Conduit Financing and Investor Relations (916) 653-2440
Deanne Brown, Manager, Lease Revenue Financing Section (916) 654-6169
Vicki Au-Yeung, Manager, General Obligation Financing Section (916) 653-3366
Tiffany Connelly, Manager, Trustee Services Section (916) 651-6584
Investor Relations (800) 900-3873
Small Business/Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) Advocate  
Ashley Peters, Analyst, Business Services Section (916) 653-7175
Moulay Billouche, Manager, Business Services Section (916) 653-7656
Department of General Services Small Business & DVBE Advocate Information

Boards, Authorities and Commissions Chaired by the Treasurer

California Achieving a Better Life Experience  
Dante Allen, Executive Director (916) 653-1728
California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority  
Derek Chernow, Executive Director (916) 651-8157
California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission  
Robert Berry, Executive Director (916) 653-3269
California Debt Limit Allocation Committee  
Nancee Robles, Executive Director (916) 653-3255
California Educational Facilities Authority  
Frank Moore, Executive Director (916) 653-2872
California Health Facilities Financing Authority  
Frank Moore, Executive Director (916) 653-2799
California Healthy Food Financing Initiative Council (916) 653-2995
California Pollution Control Financing Authority  
Shela Tobias-Daniel, Executive Director (916) 654-5610
CalSavers Retirement Savings Board  
Katie Selenski, Executive Director (916) 653-1744
California School Finance Authority  
Katrina Johantgen, Executive Director (916) 651-7710
California Tax Credit Allocation Committee  
Nancee Robles, Executive Director (916) 654-6340
California Transportation Financing Authority (916) 653-2995
Local Investment Advisory Board  
Jeff Wurm, Assistant Director of Investments (916) 653-3147
Lily Osorio, LAIF Administrator (916) 653-3147
Pooled Money Investment Board  
Tracey Paine, Administrator (916) 653-3147
ScholarShare Investment Board  
Julio Martinez, Executive Director (916) 651-6380

Contacting the State Treasurer's Office

Mailing Address:
Post Office Box 942809
Sacramento, CA 94209-0001

Physical Address:
915 Capitol Mall C-15
Sacramento, CA 95814

Office Location and Telephone Number:
915 Capitol Mall, Room 110
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 653-2995

300 S Spring Street, Suite 8500
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 620-4467

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