California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission

Draw on Reserve or Default Report

Perris Public Financing Authority Marks-Roos Community Facilities Districts

This report is based on unaudited information reported to the California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission pursuant to Government Code Section 53359.5(c) from sources considered to be reliable. The Commission is not liable for inadvertent errors or omissions that are reported as part of these reports.

Issuer:  Perris Public Financing Authority
County:  Riverside
Project:  2003 Local Agency Revenue Bonds, Series A
Original Sale Date:  10/16/2003
CDIAC Number:  2003-1691
Type of Event:  Draw on Reserves
Date of Event:  3/1/2005
Amount Withdrawn:  $406.46
Contact:  Josephine Perez
Phone Number:  (951) 587-3500

The draw was due to delinquencies in the District. Delinquencies are due to the timing of transfer of ownership from the Developer to the individual homeowners. City & City Special Tax Administrator will continue to monitor and collect delinquencies.

Date Received:   3/9/2005
Date posted to this website:   Monday, May 9, 2005