California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission

California Debt Issuance Primer

The California Debt Issuance Primer is a comprehensive reference manual on public debt issuance in California.  The purpose of the Debt Primer is to provide public agency policy makers and staff with an extensive overview of the debt financing alternatives available to California public agencies.  The Debt Primer is comprised of eight chapters and appendices covering the following:

  • Principal Participants in Debt Financing
  • Checklist of Steps in a Debt Financing
  • Continuing Disclosure and Investor Relations
  • General Federal Tax Requirements
  • Environmental Issues
  • Commercial Paper
  • Marks-Roos Act Pool Bonds
  • Debt Structure
  • Investment of Bond Proceeds
  • State Constitutional Limitations
  • Types of Financing Instruments
  • Resources and Contacts
  • Pension Obligation Bonds
  • Teeter Bonds
  • Fixed and Variable Rate Structures
  • Synthetic Interest Rate Structures

The Debt Issuance Primer is currently under revision. Paper copies of the Debt Issuance Primer are no longer available for sale. The Debt Issuance Primer will only be available electronically.