California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission

Monthly/Annual Reports of Debt Issuance
CDIAC Publications

Monthly Reports

  • DEBT LINE (2005 to present)
    The legislatively-mandated newsletter provides a calendar listing of all proposed and sold bond issues reported to CDIAC for the month, as required by law, as well as summary tables and articles related to public issuance and the investment of public funds.

Annual Reports

Annually the Commission compiles the debt issuance information received for the calendar year and prepares reports on various aspects of California's public debt in three publications:

  • Calendar of California Public Debt Issuance (1986 to present)
    This annual report lists details of each public debt bond issue sold in California. Each listing includes the name of the issuer, the county, the type and purpose of the issue, the date of the sale, the principal amount of the bonds, and whether or not the issue is a refunding. Each listing also shows the interest rate, the rating, credit enhancement information, the final maturity date, and the major participants in the financings. The report is organized chronologically by issuer, beginning with the State of California and its departments and agencies, then local agencies (further sorted by county, agencies within counties, and by the sale date of the issue) and student loan corporations.
  • Summary of California Public Debt Issuance (1986 to present)
    This annual report provides aggregate summary information by issuer on major components of debt, such as long-term and short-term debt, tax-exempt and taxable debt, and refunding existing indebtedness. The value of this report for financing professionals and policymakers lies in its ability to answer questions concerning who issues the debt, how the debt is issued, and for what purpose it was issued.
  • Annual Report (1982, 1991 to present)
    CDIAC's Annual Report provides more global analyses (as opposed to the "by issuer" structure of the previous two reports) of public debt issued in California for the calendar year. The analyses include comparisons to previous years' debt issuance levels; categories of issuance (such as, purpose of debt, competitive and negotiated, credit enhanced debt); and displays California's Mello-Roos and Marks-Roos issues, purpose, and defaults and draws on reserves. (Mello-Roos and Marks-Roos are California's financing mechanisms for specified public improvements, and are generally backed by special property tax assessments.)