Debt Issuance and
Administration Series

Elected officials have a broad range of backgrounds, and many begin their positions with the desire and need to further develop their knowledge and expertise related to public finance. CDIAC designed the Elect>Ed series to provide the foundational content needed to guide prudent public finance decisions by the elected officials and members of governing bodies that serve over 4,000 local agencies throughout California.

All eight modules can be accessed in CDIAC’s Education Portal. The programs are free to access with a registered account. Certificates for each module are automatically issued upon completion.

Trailer of Elect>Ed Module Series

"Effectively using and managing debt is critical for local governments. These modules continue my office’s efforts to ensure that California’s decision makers, at all levels, have the resources they need to make informed decisions on behalf of all Californians."

State Treasurer Fiona Ma 

"This educational program is really designed to educate and assist elected officials in making critical financial decisions for their districts and agencies really in a more informed way. (...) Treasurer and tax-collectors up and down the state support and endorse this program. (...) It is extremely beneficial."

Kern County Treasurer-Tax Collector Jordan Kauffman

"The new online training tool developed by the Office of California State Treasurer Fiona Ma fills a deep need for expert advice on public debt in a convenient, easily accessible model that offers great value to California’s 5,000 school board members."

Annette Yee, Managing Director with Montague DeRose and Associates

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California Association of County Treasurers and Tax Collectors

California Association of Sanitation Agencies

California Association of School Business Officials

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California Municipal Treasurers Association

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California Society of Municipal Finance Officers

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