California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission

Presents a Webinar:

Webinar advertisment, California Local Public Finance Virtual Forum. A conversation with Treasurer Fiona Ma, CPA. A Collaboration of CDIAC and CSMFO. August 12, 2020 10:00 A M Cost: Free.

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California State Treasurer Fiona Ma knows that collaboration and open discussion will be a key tool in the identification of public finance solutions that will address the unprecedented challenges California agencies are facing from the COVID-19 crisis. The Treasurer invites colleagues to join her for a conversation about the state of public finance in California and to share questions, challenges, successes, and ideas for restoration of our communities. In the midst of the physical separation we are all experiencing, we must consciously recognize that California’s future will be stronger by joining together.

Featured Speakers

State Treasurer’s Office CSMFO
  • Fiona Ma, CPA, California State Treasurer
  • Tim Schaefer, Deputy Treasurer for Public Finance
  • Robert Berry, Executive Director, CDIAC
  • Kristin Szakaly-Moore, Investment Director
  • Steve Heide, CSMFO 2020 President
  • Margaret Moggia, CSMFO 2018 President