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Practical Adaptations to the Evolution of Credit Ratings

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Tuesday, November 19, 2024

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The use of credit ratings and the role of rating agencies have changed over time as market needs and expectations have evolved. Multiple rating agencies have made significant changes to their methodologies over the past few years to better account for common challenges faced by municipal issuers with a focus tuned more to the sector as opposed to the security. Ratings practices and methods have also had to respond to investors’ calls for increased transparency. This webinar will examine how credit rating trends have evolved over time and how issuers may consider adapting their approach to the rating process to position their issuance for the best possible ratings outcome.


  • David BrodslyManaging Director, KNN Public Finance
  • Eric HoffmanAssociate Managing Director, Moody’s Ratings
  • Debra SaundersConsultant, BondLink

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