California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission

Online Registration Instructions

All CDIAC-hosted courses utilize an online registration system powered by ABC Signup (also called Learning Stream). The registration system can be accessed from CDIAC’s Education webpage by selecting any of the “Register” links for available CDIAC programs. This link will take viewers to a Programming Calendar listing upcoming CDIAC seminars and webinars by calendar month. To register for an event, returning participants may log in using their email and password. New users will need to establish an account (see instructions below). The new registration process enables participants to register for multiple courses at one time and make one payment. Payment options remain the same.

Account Set-Up for First-Time Attendees:

Note: if you are responsible for registering a number of participants from your agency and would like to do so under a single administrative log-in, please contact CDIAC’s Education Unit at (916) 653-3269 for assistance. Otherwise, individual accounts may be established as follows:

  1. Click on “Register” for any of the current events hosted by CDIAC
  2. Select “[Click Here] to create an account and register”
  3. Complete the required fields. If you wish to have event notifications also sent to support personnel, please include an email address in the “CC Notifications To” field.
  4. Click “Submit Registration” to complete the account setup and register for the event

Once registered for an event, you will receive an electronic statement and confirmation of your registration from ABC Signup. If you have registered for a webinar, you will receive an additional electronic confirmation from GoToWebinar containing a personalized link to access the webinar.