California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Loss Reserve Program

Program Activity


After the PACE Loss Reserve Program’s launch, in June 2014 the California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority (CAEATFA) initially enrolled eight PACE programs with a total of 17,401 residential PACE financings valued at over $350 million. To date, 98,395 residential PACE financings valued at about $2.4 billion are covered by the PACE Loss Reserve.

Every year, enrolled PACE programs must report to CAEATFA on the size and status of their portfolios in March for activity from July–December of the previous year, and in October for activity from January–December of the same year. Each eligible financing included in the semi-annual reports is enrolled in and covered by the loss reserve.

Estimated Environmental Savings

Enrolled PACE programs provide estimated environmental savings resulting from PACE financings enrolled in the PACE Loss Reserve Program with each October semi-annual report, to the extent that information is available.

The table below details the estimated environmental savings from financings originated through June 30, 2023, as reported by enrolled PACE programs.

Program Name Estimated Environmental Savings from Enrolled Financings
mPOWER Placer 23,598,985 kWh saved annually
4,365.8 MTCO2 saved annually
mPOWER Folsom 556,453 kWh saved annually
102.9 MTCO2 saved annually
Berkeley FIRST 54,408 kWh annually
Sonoma County Energy Independence Program 27,150,562  kWh over lifetime
144,336 MTCO2 over lifetime
136,724 therms over lifetime
CaliforniaFIRST 69,962,083 kWh generated annually
32,639,345 kWh saved annually
2,378,688 therms saved annually
83,404,602 gal saved annually
WRCOG HERO Program 220,221,402 kWh saved annually
152,039,740 gal saved annually
SANBAG HERO Program 132,505,173 kWh saved annually
81,867,045 gal saved annually
California HERO Program 528,699,930 kWh saved annually
351,224,953 gal saved annually
AllianceNRG 6,936,336 kWh generated annually
348,597 kWh saved annually
5,737 therms saved annually
727,985 gal saved annually
LA HERO Program 199,278,146 kWh saved annually
214,897,177 gal saved annually
CaliforniaFIRST in Los Angeles County 14,487,389 kWh generated annually
15,189,601 saved annually
1,106,986 therms saved annually
52,171,338 gal saved annually
Ygrene Works Program 63.79 MW saved over lifetime
3,301,865,234 kWh saved over lifetime
1,119,329 MTCO2 saved over lifetime
4,056,400,263   gal saved over lifetime
30,254,000 ccf natural gas saved over lifetime
Home Run Financing CSCDA (formerly PACE Funding CSCDA) 29,068,998 kWh generated annually
1,849,766 kWh saved annually
204,060 therms saved annually
30,254,000 gal saved annually
California Municipal Finance Authority 912,817,988 kWh generated over lifetime
819,371,251 kWh saved over lifetime
157,040 MTCO2 saved over lifetime
989,136 therms saved annually
1,041,617,827 gal saved over lifetime
Spruce PACE 336,585 kWh generated annually
1,312 kWh saved annually
CSCDA HERO 23,609,446 kWh saved annually
18,450,669 gal saved annually
Figtree PACE Program 1,460,415 kWh saved annually
mPOWER Pioneer 5,582,145 kWh saved annually
1,062.4 MTCO2 saved annually
WRCOG PACEFunding 1,208,360 kWh generated annually
87,157 kWh saved annually
4,115 therms saved annually
1,274,000 gal saved annually
LA County - PACE Funding Group Program 591,251 kWh generated annually
1,184,827 kWh saved annually
10,131 therms saved annually
2,699,652 gal saved annually
WRCOG Energy Efficiency & Water Conservation Program 538,747 kWh generated annually
40,418 kWh saved annually
2,946 therms saved annually
298,513 gal saved annually
FortiFi CSCDA 535,905,324 kWh generated over lifetime
578,721,643 kWh saved over lifetime
115,710 MTCO2 saved over lifetime
588,132 therms saved annually
742,616,103 gal saved over lifetime