California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority

State Treasurer and Chair

Contact Information

Derek Chernow
Executive Director

Phone: (916) 651-8157
Fax: (916) 589-2855

Mailing Address:
915 Capitol Mall, Room 538
Sacramento, CA 95814

Office Location:
801 Capitol Mall, Room 220
Sacramento, CA 95814

Staff Members

Core Programs

Jennifer Gill
Manager II, Core Programs

Ashley Emery
Program Manager

Jessica Arceo
Contracts Analyst

Sales Tax Exclusion

Xee Moua
STE Analyst

Stefani Carruth
STE Analyst

Matthew Jumps
STE Analyst

PACE Loss Reserve

David Palsha
PACE Analyst


Cheryl Bergan
Executive Assistant

Justin Gustafson
Office Technician

Darren Shearer
CHEEF Office Technician

Nujtxeng Vang
CHEEF Office Technician

CHEEF Compliance & Data

Geoff Larson
CHEEF Compliance Specialist

Chor Vue
CHEEF Compliance Analyst

CHEEF Program

Miriam Joffe-Block
Manager II, CHEEF Program

David Gibbs
CHEEF Program Manager

Jonathan Verhoef
CHEEF Program Specialist

Susan Mills
CHEEF Program Specialist

Kelly Delaney
CHEEF Program Analyst

Bill Heberger
CHEEF Program Analyst

Davey Ly
CHEEF Program Analyst

CHEEF Outreach

Kaylee D'Amico
CHEEF Marketing Specialist

Traci Hukill
CHEEF Marketing Analyst