Public Finance Division

Redemptions, Defeasances, or Mandatory Tenders

Notices of redemptions, defeasances, or mandatory tenders of bonds issued by the State or State issuers are filed on the
Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) website located here

EMMA is a service of the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board and serves as the official repository for information on virtually all
municipal bonds, providing free public access to continuing disclosure documents, such as notices of redemptions, defeasances, or
mandatory tenders.

EMMA allows investors to create notification alerts for filings on EMMA that are linked to a specific CUSIP number. To create an alert, enter your CUSIP number in the EMMA search field and press enter. Once you locate your CUSIP number, choose the green "Create MyEMMA Alert" and follow the directions on EMMA to create the alert.

EMMA Alert