California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission

About the Debt Issuance Database

State law that took effect in 1982 requires all governmental agencies which issue debt to report information on each issuance to CDIAC [Government Code Sections 8855(k) and 8855(i)]. Agencies must provide data to CDIAC 30 days prior to each issuance, and within 45 days after the signing of the bond purchase contract in a negotiated or private financing, or after the acceptance of a bid in a competitive offering. Reporting guidelines, along with required reporting forms (in both electronic and mail-in format) can be found at

For each reported issuance, the database contains preliminary data until CDIAC updates the database with final information. CDIAC’s database only reflects information at the time of the issuance. CDIAC does not capture subsequent market data changes (for example, secondary market prices or changes in ratings). CDIAC represents that the information contained in the database is accurate. However, CDIAC cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of the information if the user modifies or alters the data. CDIAC makes every attempt to collect and verify the accuracy of data for all debt issuances by governmental agencies in California. Due to timing of receipt or incomplete reporting, however, some data may not be captured.

Using the Database

Records can be accessed for a designated range (for example, dates or principal amounts) or by specific criteria (for example, bond counsel or county). On the first page, users are required to enter a date range. Other optional criteria to narrow their search include issuer data fields, bond counsel characteristics and names of financing team participants. Users may incorporate a wildcard sign ("%") in the search criteria for certain fields if they do not know the exact spelling of a firm or issuer (e.g., for the Issuer Name, users may enter "State%" to retrieve all "State of California" issuances). On the second page, users then can check additional fields they want to include in their search (e.g., maturity date, interest type). Users can download results into Excel by clicking the appropriate “Save the Results” button.

An exclamation point in a field indicates more information is available, but did not fit in the field. Contact CDIAC to obtain the rest of the information or further assistance.

Database Search Fields

The following table defines the various search fields available on CDIAC's online debt issuance database:

CDIAC Number The CDIAC Number is a unique sequential number that, along with the issuance year (the year in which the issuance was entered into the CDIAC database), identifies the issuance. This number is assigned by CDIAC’s system at the time the issuance is added to the database. The numbering sequence is reset to “0001” at the beginning of each calendar year.
Issuer Name The name of the agency which issued the debt.
Issue Date The date that the governmental entity issued the debt.
Debt Type The description of the type of debt issued (general obligation bond, revenue bond, revenue anticipation note, commercial paper, etc.).
Source of Payment The source of revenue from which the debt is repaid (general fund, sales tax, property tax, etc.).
Purpose Description The project that the debt issuance finances (e.g., roads, housing, schools, hospitals, parks, libraries, etc.).
County The county in which the issuer is located.  State sales, multiple county sales, etc., are identified as such in this field.
Sale Type The type of sale conducted (i.e., whether a sale is competitive (Comp), negotiated (Neg) or a private placement).
Interest Type The type of interest reported for the issue (i.e., TIC (true interest cost), NIC (net interest cost), V (variable), or UNK or blank if unknown).
Underwriter The name of the lead or senior underwriter.  This field may be blank if the lead underwriter is not known.
Bond Counsel The name of counsel handling legal matters related to the issuance.
Trustee The name of the trustee for the issuance.  This field may be blank if the trustee is not known.
Financial Advisor The name of the financial advisor for the issuance.  This field is blank if there is no financial advisor or the financial advisor is not known.
Principal Amount The total face value of the debt issued.
Interest Rate The calculated rate of interest.  If the interest type is unknown, this field may be blank.
Maturity Date The final maturity date for the debt issued.
Fitch Rating If Fitch has rated the issue, the rating will appear here.  If it is not rated by Fitch, or the rating is unknown, it will be blank.
Moody’s Rating If Moody's has rated the issue, the rating will appear here.  If it is not rated by Moody’s, or the rating is unknown, it will be blank.
S & P Rating If Standard & Poor's has rated the issue, the rating will appear here.  If it is not rated by S&P, or the rating is unknown, it will be blank.

Users should contact CDIAC with any questions regarding the database.