California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission

Data Portal, Regulations & Guidance, and Fees

Data Portal

Issuers must use CDIAC’s Data Portal to file debt issuance and related ongoing annual reports online.

ATTENTION: Prior to launching our new online filing interface, the current system will become unavailable at noon Wednesday, June 15, 2022. Therefore, between noon Wednesday, June 15th, and noon Monday, June 20th, filers will not be able to use the current online filing system to submit any reports to CDIAC. If you need to submit a report to meet your statutory requirements, please contact CDIAC to make special arrangements.

Our anticipated launch date for the Data Portal is noon Monday, June 20, 2022.

Before CDIAC launches the Data Portal, you will receive an email by June 20, 2022, that will include:

  • A link to the Data Portal;
  • confirmation of the email address you will use to sign-in;
  • A temporary password, which you will change once you sign-in.
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Data Portal Tutorials

Data Portal Sign In Guide

Navigating the Data Portal Dashboard | PDF Instructions

Filing a Report of Proposed Debt Issuance | PDF Instructions

Filing a Report of Final Sale | PDF Instructions

Regulations & Guidance

Reporting Fee Schedule - Effective April 1, 2017

Pursuant to California Code of Regulations (CCR) Title 4, Division 9.6, Chapter 1, Article 4, Section 6030, the California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission (CDIAC) adopts the following fee schedule:

Issue Type Fee
All Issues 2.5 basis points, not to exceed $5,000
Fee Exceptions
Issues where the Purchaser or Lender is an agency of the State of California or Federal Government None
Issues with a Short-Term Maturity1 None
Issues by Local Obligors (Marks-Roos)2 None
  1. Short-Term Maturity is defined as an Issue with a Final Maturity date of 18 months or less.
  2. If an Authority, as defined in CCR Title 4, Division 9.6, Chapter 1, Article 1, Section 6000, uses the proceeds of a Debt Issue to purchase a Local Obligation, an Issuance Fee will be charged on the Authority Issue only.