California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission

Seminar Materials

  • Regulatory Changes Affecting Municipal Securities Issuers
    • Lynnette Kelly, Executive Director, Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB)
  • Duties of Municipal Advisors and Broker/Dealers in the Municipal Market
    • Ernesto Lanza, Deputy Executive Director and Chief Legal Officer
    • Steve Heaney, Managing Director, Stone and Youngberg, LLC
    • Brian Thomas, Managing Director, Public Financial Management, LLC
  • MSRB Long-Range Market Transparency Plan – The Future of Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA)
    Justin Pica, Director, Product Management-Market Transparency, Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board
  • Analyzing Market Activities Using the EMMA website
    Mark Campbell, Executive Director, California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission
  • Roundtable Discussion on Market Information
    Tim Schaefer, Principal Owner, Magis Advisors
    Julia Harper-Cooper, Acting Finance Director, City of San Jose
    Jay Goldstone, Chief Operating Officer, City of San Diego
    Nadia Sesay, Director, Mayor’s Office of Public Finance, City and County of San Francisco