California Educational Facilities Authority

Equipment Financing Program

Simplified Equipment Financing Program (SEFP)

Designed as a simple, economical, fast, and practical way for non-profit colleges and universities to finance a broad range of essential equipment, the SEFP can be used to fund qualifying purchases of $100,000 or more. Qualifying purchases include, but are not limited to, computer hardware and software, classroom furnishings and laboratory equipment, vehicles, HVAC and other energy efficient projects, and communication systems.

Financing terms generally range from three to fifteen years and include flexible repayment terms. In general, a financing can be completed--from start to finish--in four to six weeks.

Fees: CEFA's initial fee for this program is .075% of the issue amount due at closing. CEFA does not charge an application fee and the annual fee shall be waived for participants having other CEFA debt. All other participants will be charged an annual fee of $500, declining to $250 after five years.

Additional information regarding our financing partners can be accessed by the following links: