California Health Facilities Financing

Annual List of HELP II Applications Approved For Financing
FY 12/13

Meeting Date Resolution Number Applicant Authorized Amount
8/30/2012 HII-272 Sanctuary House of Santa Barbara, Inc. dba Sanctuary Psychiatric Centers of Santa Barbara $950,000
9/27/2012 HII-273 Foothill Health Center dba Foothill Community Health Center $570,000
9/27/2012 HII-274 LifeLong Medical Care $1,000,000
10/25/2012 HII-275 Gateways Hospital and Mental Health Center $900,000
10/25/2012 HII-276 Mentally and Educationally Retarded Citizens, Inc. $1,000,000
2/28/2013 HII-277 Sacramento Recovery House, Inc. $628,000