California Health Facilities Financing Authority

Peer Respite Care Grant Program

Designed to allow California counties and their designated nonprofit or public agency to apply for grant funds that can be used for the purpose of providing an additional level of care to those experiencing or at risk of a mental health crisis.

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The Peer Respite Care Grant Program is for California counties to support the development of programs that increase access to and capacity for crisis mental health services operated by peers. Peer respite programs are voluntary, short-term residential programs that provide an alternative to psychiatric emergency services by offering a less coercive or intrusive supporting environment for individuals experiencing a mental health crisis, but who are not deemed dangerous to others.

For Grant Seekers

The application for the Peer Respite Grant Program ended at 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Time) on Tuesday, March 8, 2016. Funding available for the program is up to $3 million. The designated lead applicant/grantee must be a California county.

Investment in Mental Health Wellness Grant Program awardees must comply with California’s prevailing wage law under Labor Code section 1720, et seq. for public works projects. CHFFA recommends applicants and awardees consult with their legal counsel.