California Health Facilities Financing

Bond Financing Program

Provides the issuance of low-interest, tax-exempt and taxable revenue bonds for the construction and acquisition of health care facilities and projects.

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Contact Information

If you have any questions about the Bond Financing program, please contact CHFFA.

Blackout Periods

Please note that for Cal-Mortgage insured transactions, borrowers may not issue during the state's blackout periods, roughly December 1 through January 10 and from May 1 through the date of the enactment of the State budget.

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Standard Bond Financing Program

This program provides non-profit health facilities access to low interest rate capital markets through the issuance of tax-exempt and taxable revenue bonds.

Eligible borrowers may use proceeds from the sale of bonds for:

  • Construction/renovation projects
  • Land acquisition for future projects
  • Acquisition of existing health facilities
  • Refinancing of existing debt
  • Working capital for start-up facilities
  • Costs of issuance
  • Other qualified expenses

Alternative Financings

Flexibility of Financing Structure

CHFFA has extensive experience issuing bonds and other forms of indebtedness in both public offerings and direct placements using a variety of structures, including multi-modal indentures, master indentures, master loan agreements, deeds of trust and other security documents, and other financing structures (including forward delivery). The depth of experience of CHFFA staff has made the agency well positioned to consider innovative financing techniques.

Make a Payment

The Bond Financing Program fees such as the Initial Fee and Annual Administration Fee can be submitted via CHFFA’s Electronic Payment System (“EPS”).

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Information required to make a payment:

  • Invoice number
  • Bank routing number
  • Bank account number

Recently Approved Bond Projects: