California School Finance Authority

Bond, Loan and Note Financings

Provides School Districts, County Office of Education, Community College Districts,
and Non-profit borrowers access to the capital markets.

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The CSFA Conduit Financing Program provides school districts, community college districts, county offices of education, and non-profit borrowers access to tax-exempt, taxable, and other tax-advantaged bonds, loans, and notes through the capital markets via public offerings and private placements.

CSFA's low-cost fee structure, intercept mechanism, and no-cost, state-level Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA) hearing have made CSFA the issuer of choice for creditworthy participating parties statewide. To date, CSFA has issued over $2.534 billion in bonds, loans, and notes to provide low-cost, fixed-rate financing to California local educational agencies. In addition to construction and acquisition costs for new and existing facilities, borrowers can refinance existing debt by taking advantage of more favorable interest rate environments. Additionally, often through the use of shorter-term note issuance, CSFA can help local educational agencies with their immediate cash flow needs at rates often more favorable than conventional lending institutions, though CSFA also offers secured loans through conventional lending institutions, with the added benefit of the intercept.