California School Finance Authority

California Student Housing Revolving Loan Fund (CaSHRLF)

Established to provide zero-interest loans to qualifying college applicants for the purpose of constructing affordable student, faculty, and staff housing.

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CaSHRLF Overview

The California Student Housing Revolving Loan Fund (CaSHRLF) provides zero-interest loans for affordable student housing and affordable faculty and staff housing. It was established in 2022 under AB 190, the 2022 Education Budget Trailer Bill, and funded with an initial appropriation of $200 million for fiscal year 2023-24 through SB 117, the 2023 Education Budget Trailer Bill. An additional $300 million is intended for appropriation annually through fiscal year 2028-29, which will bring the final total of the fund to $1.7 billion. CSFA is designated to administer the CaSHRLF program for Community College Applicants. The first application forms for projects seeking CaSHRLF assistance will be available no later than April 1, 2024, and initial preliminary applications will be due no later than July 1, 2024 (with subsequent application rounds made available as needed). Structural options are under consideration, such as bridge loans, gap financing and full project financing. Assistance will be available to SB 169 recipients, as well as other CCCs.


  • Bridge loans and working capital financing
  • Long-term project financing through the issuance of revenue bonds

We are currently seeking input from public and private stakeholders as we prepare to administer the CaSHRLF program. Please contact us to join these conversations.

Contact:         Katrina Johantgen, Executive Director
Telephone:     (213) 620-2305