California School Finance Authority


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Bill Lockyer, Chair
State Treasurer

Jack O'Connell
Superintendent of Public Instruction

Michael C. Genest
Director of Finance


304 Broadway, Suite 550
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Telephone: (213) 620-4467
Fax: (213) 620-6309

Katrina Johantgen
Executive Director



915 Capitol Mall, Conference Room 587
Sacramento, California 95814
Monday, March 24, 2008
2:00 p.m.


  1. Call to Order and Roll Call
  2. Approval of Minutes from the February 25, 2008 Authority Meeting (Action Item)
  3. Executive Director's Report (Information Item)
  4. Resolution No. 08-03 - Approving Financially Sound Determinations for the Charter School Facilities Program (CSFP) Applications Received Under the Proposition 1D Funding Round as listed in Exhibit A (Action Item)
  5. Public Comment
  6. Adjournment

Items designated for information are appropriate for Authority action if the Authority chooses to take action. Items may be taken out of order.

California School Finance Authority
304 South Broadway, Suite 550
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 620-4467

The California School Finance Authority (CSFA) complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by ensuring that the facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities, and providing this notice and information given to the members of CSFA in appropriate alternative formats when requested. If you need further assistance, including disability-related modifications or accommodations, you may contact CSFA no later than five calendar days before the meeting at 213-620-4467. Device for the Deaf (TDD) at (916) 654-5610.

Exhibit A
Applications Planned for Action
California School Finance Authority
March 24, 2008 Meeting

  Applicant Charter School
1 Academy for Academic Excellence
2 Animo College Preparatory Charter #11
3 Animo College Preparatory Charter High #1
4 Animo College Preparatory Charter High #10
5 Animo College Preparatory Charter High #7
6 Animo College Preparatory Charter High #9
7 Animo College Preparatory Charter High School #8
8 Animo College Preparatory Charter High School #12
9 Animo College Preparatory Charter High School #4
10 Animo Film and Theater Art Charter High
11 Animo Jackie Robinson Charter High School
12 Animo Jefferson Charter High #5
13 Animo Jefferson Charter High #6
14 Animo Justice Charter High
15 Animo Leadership Charter High
16 Animo Pat Brown Charter High
17 Animo Ralph Bunche Charter High
18 Animo South Los Angeles
19 Animo Venice Charter High
20 Chico County Day
21 Leadership Public Schools - Richmond
22 Leadership Public Schools - San Francisco
23 Norton Space and Aeronautics Academy
24 Oakland Unity High School
25 Oscar de la Hoya Animo Los Angeles Charter High
26 Stella Academy
27 Twin Rivers Charter School
28 Vaughn Next Century Learning Center
29 Westlake Charter School