California School Finance Authority

April 25, 2024 Staff Reports and Resolutions

  • April 25
    • Agenda Item 4 - Resolution No. 24 – 13 - Resolution Of The California School Finance Authority Authorizing The Issuance Of School Facility Revenue Bonds In An Amount Not To Exceed $17,000,000 To Finance And/Or Refinance The Acquisition, Construction, Expansion, Remodeling, Renovation, Improvement, Furnishing And/Or Equipping Of Educational Facilities Located In San Diego County, California For Use By Urban Discovery Academy (Action Item)
    • Agenda Item 5 - Resolution No. 24 – 14 - Approving the Credit Enhancement (CDFA #84.354A) Award in an Amount Not to Exceed $1,100,000 to Fourteenth Street Holdings LLC and Russ Boulevard LLC On Behalf of Urban Discovery School (Action Item)
    • Agenda Item 10 - Resolution No 24 – 18 - Adoption of Proposed Amendments to the Regulations for the Charter School Facilities Credit Enhancement Grant Program (CFDA #83.354A) (Action Item)