California Tax Credit Allocation Committee

Development Staff Regional Assignments

TCAC analysts are assigned as the principal point of contact for program users as follows:

Rural Areas (Including rural cities and census tracts within the other Geographic Areas) Ruben Barcelo (916) 651-6018
East Bay Region, South and West Bay Region, San Francisco County Marlene McDonough (916) 654-0015
Capital Region, Northern Region Tiffani Negrete (916) 653-4520
Central Valley Region Tiffani Negrete (916) 653-4520
Central Coast Region Carmen Doonan (916) 651-0904
City of Los Angeles, Balance of Los Angeles County, Orange County Jack Waegell (916) 653-4456
Inland Empire Region, San Diego County Diane SooHoo (916) 654-5882


Each listed analyst is the principal contact for program users within their respective regions. As you encounter questions or seek guidance regarding tax credit matters, please contact the appropriate listed analyst first.

Regional assignments have improved customer service by establishing clear program contact points, and will result in greater analyst familiarity with the development issues, parties, and trends within a given area. For your convenience, please see the color-coded map showing the regional assignments.