California Tax Credit Allocation Committee

2020 Annual Owners Certification (AOC) Package

The 2020 Annual Owners Certification (AOC) package is now available.

In 2021, the AOC package will continue to consist of two parts. Part one includes the Annual Owners Certification (AOC) form and the Project Ownership Profile (POP) form. Part II of the AOC Package includes the Annual Operating Expense (AOE) form and the Lender Profile (LP) form. One submission of the AOC Package per property is required for properties in the initial federal compliance period as well as those in the extended use period. Each part has a distinct submission date

2020 AOC Package Part I - Due April 5, 2021

2020 AOC Package Part II - Due June 7, 2021

There are 2 options for submitting the POP (choose only 1 option):

  1. Email the completed Excel POP forms to
    1. Sending CTCAC a CD is no longer an option in 2021, if you are submitting forms for multiple projects (more than 20). Please send all POPs in one or multiple emails to or;
  2. Only those projects with no computer access can submit a hard copy of the POP form(s) to the attention of: Julio Villanueva at 915 Capitol Mall, Room 485, Sacramento, CA 95814.

If you have any questions or problems downloading or submitting the AOC package, please contact:

  • Part I: Julio Villanueva at (916) 653-4277
  • Part II: Steve Bellotti at (916) 651-0409
  • You can also call (916) 654-6340 to reach Elizabeth Gutierrez, Mayra Lozano, or the front desk for general questions