California Tax Credit Allocation Committee

Informal Feedback Requested on William Leach’s Tiebreaker Concept

On March 22 and 23, TCAC held two public forums to elicit discussion and informal feedback of William Leach’s tiebreaker concept that would start with a calculation of units per credit and then include various adjusters to meet policy objectives and account as much as possible for inherent cost differences. TCAC is aware that many persons were not able to attend the forums. In addition, those who did may have wanted to ponder the concept further.

TCAC is making William’s slide show presentation available, encourages folks to read it, and poses the question to all stakeholders: Should TCAC engage stakeholders over the next year to explore this concept and flesh out a new tiebreaker based on this concept? A brief explanation of your view would also be helpful. Please send comments by Friday, April 27 to

Neither TCAC staff nor the Committee has taken any position on this concept, and this concept will not be considered in the 2018 regulation change cycle. At this time, TCAC is simply trying to assess the stakeholder community’s level of interest in some day replacing the current tiebreaker with something based on this new concept. TCAC will review these comments before deciding whether or not to take any additional steps. Your feedback is appreciated.