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 The Milken Institute

The Milken Institute, founded in 1991, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank determined to increase global prosperity by advancing collaborative solutions that widen access to capital, create jobs and improve health. Based in Santa Monica, Calif., the institute’s work is guided by the formula developed by its founder and chairman, Michael Milken:

Prosperity equals the effect of financial technology acting to multiply the value of human capital, social capital and real assets. Stable economic growth most often occurs where people have access to education and health care, can participate freely in the political process, and can aspire to property ownership.

The formula is the institute’s understanding of the relationship between finance and a strong society.

To learn more about the Milken Institute, click here.

 Environmental Finance

Environmental Finance is the leading business-to-business news and analysis service for financial institutions looking at both the risks and the opportunities of the global shift toward a lower carbon economy.  Established in 1999, Environmental Finance is an online provider of editorial content that publishes daily at The online service is complemented by a quarterly Environmental Finance magazine which rounds up and reviews the best of the quarter's online content.  The service also includes new reports, guides, research and analysis. They host, a comprehensive guide to all the bonds issued that are labelled green.

Environmental Finance has experience hosting successful green bonds events.  The first event, in 2011, was pioneering and served as a forum for this nascent market.  They have since continued this commitment, with annual events in London and now New York.  The seeds of the Green Bond Principles were sown at the 2013 conference following a conversation between two investment bankers.  The 2017 London conference attracted 300 delegates with a focus from issuers and investors.  These delegates are decision makers across the industry, with more than 150 different institutions represented. is published by Fulton Publishing, a division of Field Gibson Media - a specialist business-to-business financial publisher based in London. Field Gibson Media also publishes