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Californians face great challenges as we work together to make our state a great place to live -- for us and future generations. By purchasing California bonds, you can invest in quality schools, safer communities, affordable housing and improved transportation systems. You can help build parks and libraries, and preserve our natural resources.

To learn more about California bonds and how to purchase them, visit Buy California Bonds.

Financing Jobs/Education/Health Care/Green Economy/Housing
Bond Finance

Status of Voter-Approved General Obligation (GO) Bonds

  • Sold/Not Yet Repaid:
    $75.12 Billion
  • Approved/Not Yet Sold:
    $25.18 Billion
  • New Sold in 2014:
    $1.76 Billion

State GO Bond Ratings

Fitch: A
Moody's: Aa3
Standard & Poor's: A

GO Bond Finance Committees


Budget and Cashflow
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General Obligation Bonds

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