Career Opportunities

Examination Process

  1. For employment with the State Treasurer's Office, candidates apply for an examination with the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR).

    For Staff Service Analyst positions, you must apply for the examination with CalHR.

    Candidates apply for Career Executive Assignment (CEA) and departmental promotional examinations (see current list of examinations) with the State Treasurer's Office.
  2. Applications are reviewed to determine whether candidates meet the minimum qualifications.
  3. Candidates meeting the minimum qualifications are scheduled for an examination and are notified of the examination date.
  4. Examinations are conducted and candidates receive final scores.
  5. Candidates notified of test results.
  6. State Treasurer's Office, Board, Commission, and Authority hires are made from the list as vacancies occur (see current Vacancy Announcements).

Employment Process

  1. The names of candidates who pass all parts of the examination are placed on an employment list.
  2. When there are job openings (see current Vacancy Announcements), the candidates are contacted in order of placement on the employment list by score; those with the highest score are contacted first.
  3. Candidates can apply for job openings if they are list eligible or can lateral into the classification.  Persons within the top three ranks of the employment list are eligible for immediate hire.
  4. Applications are reviewed and the Department will contact applicants for the hiring interview process.