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Credit Provider Services – Request for Proposals
Interested Firms: The State Treasurer’s Office is requesting proposals from financial firms interested in providing Credit Provider services for the State of California General Obligation Commercial Paper and Variable Rate Demand Bond Programs. Interested firms should submit a proposal by 12:00 noon (Pacific Daylight Time) on June 29, 2018 by e-mail only to Proposals should be responsive to the request below.

Please direct any questions regarding this request for proposal to Vicki Au-Yeung at (916) 653-3366 or Jim Bemis at (805) 496-2211 or via e-mail to or, unless given specific directions to direct questions to another designated contact person.

Request for Proposals

Pooled Money Investment Account (PMIA) Loan Application

Request for Statement of Qualifications

Bond Counsel and Financial Advisor, and Underwriter Pool

Bond Counsel and Financial Advisor RFQs are accepted on an on-going basis. If you have any further questions regarding an RFQ, please contact Christina Sarron.

Centralized Treasury and Securities Management Division

Note: These forms are only to be used by pre-approved program participants. If you would like more information on becoming an approved participant, please contact the Investment Division at (916) 653-3147.

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