California Educational Facilities Authority

Bond Financing Program Fees
(Effective December 5, 2013)

Application Fee

The $1,000 non-refundable application fee is submitted with the application and will be applied to the Initial Fee at closing.

Initial Fee

0.15% of the par amount up to $10mm, plus 0.05% of the par amount in excess of $10mm (up to a maximum fee of $75,000). The Initial Fee is due and payable at closing.

Annual Administrative Fee

For issuances closed on or before July 31, 2013: $500 annual fee per series.

For issuances closed August 1, 2013 and thereafter: 0.015% of the par amount outstanding (up to a maximum fee of $12,000).

Additional Costs

Other costs of issuance for bond issues, including fees of Bond Counsel, Underwriters, Financial Advisors, Trustees, etc., are payable by the applicant at closing and are separate from Authority fees. Please contact the Authority for more information regarding use of these professional firms in bond transactions and financing limitations on fees.