California School Finance Authority

Charter FinE Enhancement (Charter FinE) Program

Aimed to assist charter schools lower costs to access facility acquisition, renovation, and construction financing.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the Charter Access to Bank Loan Enhancement Program, please contact CSFA.

Charter Finance Enhancement Overview

The federally-funded Charter Finance Enhancement (Charter FinE) Program was created from an $10 million grant awarded through the federal “Expanding Quality Charter Schools Program – Grants for Credit Enhancement for Charter School Facilities” (CFDA #84.354A) grant competition in 2023. This program enhances financings to charter schools to lower costs associated for permanent charter school facilities.


For more information, please contact the CSFA Executive Director: Katrina Johantgen at (213) 620-4608 or Program Manager: Mita Parikh at (916) 651-3896.