Local Agency Investment Fund

Emergency LAIF Accounts – PG&E Wildfire Settlement Payments

We are pleased to announce that State Treasurer Fiona Ma has authorized the Local Agency Investment Fund (LAIF) to offer special Emergency LAIF accounts to those agencies receiving PG&E wildfire settlement payments.

Emergency LAIF accounts are open to any local agency meeting LAIF Participant requirements and receiving PG&E wildfire settlement payments. Emergency LAIF account provisions include a cap free account balance (regular LAIF accounts are capped at $75 million) and an unlimited number of deposits and withdraws (regular LAIF accounts are limited to 15 transactions per month).

In order to open an Emergency LAIF Account, please submit the documentation listed below. Please contact LAIF staff at (916) 653-3001 for more information or assistance.

More information regarding LAIF may be found here https://www.treasurer.ca.gov/pmia-laif/laif/index.asp.

Emergency LAIF Account
CURRENT Participant

Emergency LAIF Account