Qualified Residential Rental Project Program Single-Family First-Time Homebuyer Program Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Programs California Recycle Underutilized Sites (CALReUSE)

The housing programs are administered by the following Boards, Commissions and Authorities chaired by the State Treasurer:

California Debt Limit Allocation Committee (CDLAC)

California Tax Credit Allocation Committee (CTCAC)

California Pollution Control Financing Authority (CPCFA)

In November 2018, when Treasurer Ma was elected to office, she outlined goals to: 1) Increase housing production; 2) Increase efficiencies in the use of resources she has available for housing production and economic development; 3) Incentivize/spur new technology; 4) Increase opportunities for people of color in the development and investment space; 5) Empower people to be part of the development happening in their communities; and 6) Increase opportunities for wealth building for all individuals irrespective of the zip code they live in. These goals represent a cultural shift in the way the Treasurer’s Office has historically done business.

In October 2019, Treasurer Ma convened her Housing, Economic Development, Jobs and Opportunity Zone Ad Hoc Committee to bring forward innovative solutions and out-of-the-box strategies to advance the state’s housing and economic development goals. The committee consists of the following leaders:

  • Acquanetta Warren, Mayor of the City of Fontana.
  • Dr. Angelov Farooq, Owner of AVM Innovation Consulting, LLC.
  • Ashley Swearengin, President and CEO of Central Valley Community Foundation.
  • Candace Bond McKeever, President and CEO of Strategic Solutions Group Inc.
  • Carlos Rodriguez, Executive Officer of the Building Industry Association, Southern California, Baldy View Chapter.
  • Dalila Sotelo, Managing Director and Vice President of the Integral Group, LLC.
  • Jim Reynolds, Chairman and CEO of Loop Capital.
  • Michael Chan, President of ASIAN Inc.
  • Dr. Priscilla Chan, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.
  • Sergio Sanchez, Former Councilmember, City of Salinas.
  • Dr. Alisha Wilkins, Owner, Hera Hub
  • William Leach, Founder of Kingdom Development Inc.