California Health Facilities Financing Authority

Selection of Finance Team

  • Underwriter(s) may be designated by Borrower from the State Treasurer's Office (STO) approved Underwriter Pool
  • Borrower selects its own Counsel
  • Borrower may select Bond Counsel from the STO approved Bond Counsel Pool with California Health Facilities Financing Authority (CHFFA) consent
  • Borrower may utilize a financial advisor (FA)
  • CHFFA represented by Attorney General's (AG) Office or a designated outside attorney, acting as issuer counsel
  • CHFFA Municipal Advisors are KNN Public Finance, LLC, PFM Financial Advisors LLC and Fieldman, Rolapp & Associates, Inc.
  • CHFFA Financial Analyst (evaluates creditworthiness of applicant) is TAP International, Inc.
  • STO is Agent for Sale (following approval, pricing and bond sale are to be coordinated through CHFFA with STO)
  • Trustee/Paying Agent may be selected by Borrower with CHFFA consent
  • CHFFA will designate an Analyst for each Financing as Primary Contact
  • CHFFA Analyst will provide contacts for CHFFA/STO/AG participants
  • Credit or Liquidity Enhancer identified by Borrower