California Health Facilities Financing Authority

Healthcare Expansion Loan Program II (HELP II)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Authority Meetings

Who serves on the Authority's Board?

The State Treasurer serves as Chair of the Authority, which also includes the State Controller, the Director of Finance, two Governor appointees, two Senate Pro Tem appointees, and two Assembly Speaker appointees.

Please see the complete list of Authority Board Members.

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Are prospective borrowers required to attend Authority meetings for loan approval?

Generally, prospective borrowers or their representatives are required to attend the meetings as Authority members may want to ask specific questions regarding their project and/or organization. The representative should be someone familiar with the organization’s daily operations and financials. This is usually an Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer, Finance Director, Chief Financial Officer, Controller, or Administrator.

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When does the Authority meet?

Generally, the Authority meets the last Thursday of every month. Please see the Authority's Meeting Schedule.

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