California Pollution Control Financing Authority

Sustainable Communities Grant and Loan Program
Report of Activities 2005

Program Description

The SCGL program was designed to be flexible and encourage creativity. Funding was awarded to communities that were implementing policies, programs and projects using sustainable development principles. All Projects that were eligible to receive awards encompassed sustainable development principles. Examples of eligible Projects include:

  • Specific plans, or portions of specific plans that direct the nature of development and revitalization within the boundaries of a required general plan consistent with sustainable development principles.
  • Alternative transportation studies, urban design studies, finance plans, redevelopment plans and engineering studies that facilitate sustainable development.
  • Projects such as a community center, park enhancements, or infrastructure improvements that are key elements of a comprehensive community or neighborhood sustainable development plan.
  • Funding for local communities to hire individuals at various stages of planning depending on the needs of the community.  An example would be hiring a new staff member or consultant to assist an individual community with the design and/or implementation of a particular plan for development or revitalization using sustainable development principles.
  • Funding for communities to hire technical experts to identify, assess, and complete applications for state, federal and private economic assistance programs that fund sustainable development and sound environmental policies and programs.

Rather than focus on one prescriptive approach to realize sustainable development objectives, SCGL was designed to provide funding for programs, policies and projects that will best result in achieving the sustainable development goals of the program under a variety of circumstances in communities throughout the State.



This report of activities for the Sustainable Communities Grant and Loan Program (SCGL) is submitted pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 44525.6 for the calendar year ending December 31, 2005.