California Pollution Control Financing Authority

Sustainable Communities Grant and Loan Program
Report of Activities 2005

Loans and Grants

Descriptions and Amounts of Loans and Grants

Awardees are in various stages of project implementation that are comprised of diverse project specific activities such as: obtaining community input via workshops and the Charette process; conducting marketing efforts; carrying out competitive bids and contracting processes to hire needed planning and/or design consultants, architects and construction contractors; and conducting various technical reviews. Individual project descriptions along with the current status of the projects are attached as Exhibit I, Project Descriptions, to this report. To date five projects have been completed.

SCGL Program Status as of December 31, 2005

Awardee Award Disbursed Balance Project Description Status
Los Angeles $350,000 $0 $350,000 Pedestrian Link Project First Disbursement by 02-28-06
Oakland $350,000 $178,097 $171,903 Transit Village Studies Five Disbursements Approved
Concord $93,121 $78,121 $15,000 County-wide Planning Process Project Completed
Citrus Heights $320,000 $320,000 $0 Infill Development Database Project Completed
Santa Cruz $350,000 $189,101 $160,899 Infill Development Program Six Disbursements Approved
Riverside  $300,000 $117,895 $182,105 Infill Incentive Program Seven Disbursements Approved
San Gabriel $328,500 $268,954 $59,546 Specific Plan Seven Disbursements Approved
Fresno $316,337 $316,337 $0 Train Station Restoration Project Completed
Union City (G) $350,000 $350,000 $0 Transit Village Rail Study Six Disbursements Approved
Union City (L) $150,000 $63,355 $86,645 Transit Village Rail Study One Disbursement Approved
Lancaster $300,000  $300,000 $0 Infrastructure Studies Project Completed
Bakersfield $143,600 $136,030 $7,570 Sustainable Development Strategy Project Completed
Sacramento $300,000 $173,954 $126,046 Infrastructure & Design Plans Eight Disbursements Approved
Redding $160,000 $35,000 $125,000 Road Construction/ Pedestrian Access Five Disbursements Approved
Truckee $350,000 $168,135 $181,865 Truckee Rail Yard Development Two Disbursements Approved
Totals to Date $4,161,558 $2,694,980 $1,466,578    

NOTE: All fourteen awardees received grant funding. Only one loan in the amount of $150,000 was issued for the City of Union City.

Grant and Loan Administration

Staff's activities for 2005 consisted of assisting awardees to provide the necessary documentation required for quarterly reporting on their projects and for approval of disbursements. These requirements included verifying disbursement requests against projects budgets and obtaining copies of all back-up invoices and other necessary documentation. To date, all awardees requesting disbursement are meeting conditions of funding for their projects.


This report of activities for the Sustainable Communities Grant and Loan Program (SCGL) is submitted pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 44525.6 for the calendar year ending December 31, 2005.